Become Empowered to Thrive

For people who want to become positive change makes in the world.

Personal Development Coaching – Holistic Mental Health Coaching

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Take back your personal power.

  • My primary mission is to empower you.
  • We all have free will and the ability to create the life we want for ourselves.
  • Empowerment means taking responsibility for all aspects of our lives which we can control, accepting those which we cannot, and ignoring things that don't actually matter.

Improve your health. 

  • When our body is strong and vital we have more energy.
  • Nutrition is one of my primary areas of expertise and I can help you optimize your diet.
  • I am a certified Yoga instructor and can recommend practices specifically designed for you. Especially if you have a lot of stress in your life, the simple meditation and breathing techniques I can share with you will help. 
  • Whatever your health related goals are, losing weight, building muscle, having more energy, or just not feeling like crap all the time, I can help.

Strengthen your personal relationships. 

  • The people we invite into our life can have a major effect on us. Most of these relationships are a choice. Sometimes our friends can hold us back in terms of our own personal growth and development.
  • We can't choose our family, but we can take steps toward improving our relationship with them. I had a poor relationship with my family for many years and understand how hard it is to work on these kind of issues. I can support you in this journey. 
  • Good communication, in my experience, is the key to developing more fulfilling personal relationships and I can help you refine these skills. 

Develop your self esteem and confidence. 

  • I know what it's like to have a feelings of extremely low self worth. I understand the underlying causes for this and I can support you in building these aspects of yourself. 
  • Confidence and self esteem are part of the foundation for achieving any goal you might have for yourself. These things are not written into our genetic code, meaning we can develop these parts of ourselves like any other skill. 

Identify your life purpose. 

  • What are you meant to do in this life? Do you have a purpose? Without a feeling of purpose we can never find happiness in this life. In Yoga it is called our Dharma. I can help you identify what you are meant to be doing and motivate you to do it. If you're not excited by how you're spending your time every day, and your life is not giving you joy, you need to be doing something else.
  • I can support you in making changes in your life so that you are feeling fulfilled with how you are spending your time on daily basis. Sometimes this involves big changes; leaps of faith. I know because I have taken them, and I can help you overcome fears surrounding this. 

Build your business or advance in your career.

  • I have started multiple businesses and know the challenges involved.
  • I can help you get clear on what you want to create for yourself and empower you to take the next steps for your career.
  • I have found that working for myself and creating my own career has allowed me greater freedom in life.
  • Whatever it is that you are passionate about, there is probably a way to make money doing it.

Who I work with

I work 1 on 1 with clients who are motivated to make positive changes in their lives. Additionally, my goal is to empower people who to make positive changes in the world. If your highest desire it to be an executive at an oil company, this program is not for you. 

My intention is to help you move closer to what you want by guiding you toward taking the necessary steps to achieve your goals. I am your guide and nothing more than a friend. You are on your own journey in life and I don't have all the answers. I am here to offer my perspective and suggestions, allowing you to make your own decisions so that you can accomplish your goals.

I have a strong personal connection to people who struggle with anything from anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, feeling lost, lack of confidence, low self esteem and especially poor health in all of it's forms. I struggled with all of these issues for many years and was able to overcome them.

What working with me looks like

In my experience I am better able to help people who I work with on a consistent basis. Typically we will connect over Skype once per week for one hour. This is how the majority of our communication will take place.

I also encourage my clients to email or instant message me throughout the week. I am committed to you and I want you to achieve your goals. Sometimes our email exchanges may serve to keep you motivated in moving towards what you want. I always respond to emails from my clients within 24 hours.

I encourage you to a schedule yourself for a 30 minute free session with me! Alternatively you can send an email to I look forward to speaking with you!