My Story

In the past I was just struggling to survive. I didn’t really like myself. I had a hard time looking people in the eyes. I had intense anxiety and I was always worried what other people thought about me. I was tired all the time and it was like living in a fog on all levels.

Enough was enough and I decided to stop trying to survive. I decided to thrive. Thriving means I chose to move towards optimizing all aspects of my life.

I didn’t want to just eat well, I wanted to eat the best food, drink the best water, and take the best supplements out there. I didn’t just want to feel good, I wanted to feel the absolute best that I possibly could.

My journey started with creating vitality through nutrition and my Yoga practice and has since spread into all areas of my life. True Vitality–thriving and living an inspiring life–comes from mastering all aspects of Self; physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual.

I’m not perfect and am absolutely not claiming that I have mastered all of these things. I do strive toward being the best person I can be though. My goal is to inspire others to make the same decision I made; the decision to thrive. We are all incredibly powerful. We have the ability to create the life we want through the gift of free will which we have all be given.

We cannot control everything in our life, in fact there are a lot of things we can’t control. Empowerment means taking full responsibility for the things we can control. This is my message to the world. Take back your power.

My vision for the future is to spread this message to as many people as possible. I’m planning to give talks across the world and am in the process of creating an online course. I feel called to inspire in the same way that I was inspired by influential people in my life.

We all deserve to Welcome Vitality into our lives.